The history of the school starts from this year. It took its first step towards an everlasting, never-ending journey with the name  “PANCHAMA PALLI”(a school for the children of downtrodden sections of the society). Thanks to the efforts of  Mr. Thullukutty,  the founder of the school, it started functioning with   Mr. Koundappan, as the first teacher of PANCHAMA PALLI.


The school was adopted by the Taluk (an administrative division in a District) Board.


The school was then adopted and included in the Governance of the Coimbatore Taluk Board.


Diwan  Bahadur,  Mr. PSG Rangaswamy  Naidu who was the Managing Trustee of PSG & Sons’ Charities with the help of  Mr.E.S Gopal,   a Military Doctor, and some other local heads as the committee members started an Ashram to cater to the educational needs of the needy children of  Vedapatti village and its surroundings. A Gurukulam School also started functioning at the Ashram premises.


The PANCHAMA PALLI  which was under the Governance of the Coimbatore Taluk  Board was merged with the Gurukulam School.


Mr. S. Sundareswara Iyer,  the Headmaster of “PANCHAMA PALLI”, wrote a  letter to the PSG Trust during the last days of his life,a requesting the Trust to take over the management of the school into the Governance of the Trust.


Keeping his letter as a base, a letter was written to the District Educational Officer of Coimbatore (DEO)  seeking his permission to take over the school into the PSG Regime. The Coimbatore Taluk  Board had then granted permission to entrust the management of the school into the safe hands of  PSG.

1995 – 1996

Adhering  to the  request  of  the  parents  and  to  provide  qualitative  higher  elementary  school  education  to  students,  the  primary  school  was  upgraded  as a Middle  School  with  class VI  by the proceedings of  the  Director of  Tamilnadu.

Elementary Education(K.Dis 34005 EE(Elementary Education)J1/ 1995) dated 16.04.1996.

Temporary recognition to start standards VII & VIII was given by the District Elementary Education officer of Coimbatore on 10.12.1997 in his proceedings (K.Dis 2372 / P4 / 1997).

2005 – 2006

The  School crossed a  major milestone of  100  successful years in its service to the society and it was upgraded as a HIGH SCHOOL,  and thus, PSG HIGH SCHOOL  blossomed into the society.

The school follows the syllabus prescribed by the Government of  Tamilnadu by using the books supplied by the Tamilnadu Textbook Society. The school is co-educational and the medium of instruction is Tamil. It has a wonderful infrastructure with sufficient facilities and resourceful and committed teaching and non-teaching staff. The School is highly disciplined and inculcates moral values in the lifestyle of the students.

The Joint Director of Tamilnadu School Education in his Proceedings,  K.Dis 09024 / G4 / 2007 dated 07.03.2007, permitted for Standards  VI  to IX.

The Chief Educational Officer of Coimbatore in his Proceedings, K.Dis 1443 / A6 / 2007 dated 13.03.2007 to start Standard X.The Chief Educational Officer of Coimbatore in his Proceedings, K.Dis 2136 / A6 / 2007 dated 20.03.2007 granted initial recognition for Standard X.

The Management, Secretary and Teachers are the pillars of the school under whose guidance the school has been working in a great manner.