Faculty Empowerment




Mr.Hauldurai, retired P.G Teacher in Mathematics, conducted Mathematics workshop at PSGCARE for all the Teachers on 5th August 2023.

Guest Lecture


Teachers’ Empowerment Programme


A brain  storming  session  on “Challenges  faced  by  schools  and  the  way  forward”  was  organised  by  PSG  CARE  on  26th  November 2022  at   PSG  CARE  seminar hall. All teachers  participated  in  this  programme.




Hauldurai, a retired PG Teacher in maths

Topic: Interesting Mathematics class.


I C Govindasamy, the retired Headmaster NGR Higher Secondary school and Team on 17.08.2019.

Topic: Motivational classes for all Parents, Teachers and Students Separately .




The seminar is organized for the teachers to improve their teaching skills.

The Secretary organizes a common Faculty development programme for the teachers of all PSG Schools before the commencement of every academic year. The faculty development programme is conducted by the Secretary periodically in the school. The empowerment programme for teachers helps them follow the best methods that facilitate efficient teaching-learning experience in the classroom. Teachers are exposed to regular orientation and training programmes to keep them updated in their respective disciplines.

English Language Teacher Association of India (ELTAI), New Science Equipments & Demonstration Training, Communication skills workshop, Cambridge Assessment Training, Usage of Google Tools Training, Effective online class Training are conducted by the Management for the Empowerment of the Teachers.