Classroom Activities

Instruction work in different subjects such as classroom experiments,  discussions, teacher-students interaction, hands-on demonstrations, question-answer sessions, scientific observations, use of audio-visual aids, guidance programmes, examinations and evaluation work, follow-up programmes etc.

The teaching methodology of the school involves the wholesome use of activities such as debates, role-plays and seminars to actively involve the students in the process of learning. 

The students of standards VI to VIII are Assessed by Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) based on trimester method. The process is made by formative and summative assessment components.

The minimum pass percentage is 35% in each subject. The promotion will be given as per the Government norms.

Focus upon cognitive aspects thereby helping intellectual development.

Online classes are successfully planned and followed in the school. Smart Board, Digital Visualizer, Google tools, and Web Cameras are used in the Online Classes for better understanding of concepts.




A Dictionary Day is celebrated once in a month to develop the vocabulary skill of the students.

Activities in the Library

Reading  books  and  magazines,  taking  notes  from  prescribed  and  reference  books   for  preparing  notes  relating  to take  lessons  in  the classroom. Reading  journals  and  periodicals  pertaining  to  different subjects of study, making files of news-paper  cuttings, etc.

Activities in the Laboratory

Students  will be  getting  a  first  hand,  learning  experience  by  performing  different  experiments  on  their  own.

Computer Class

Computer Class help children to develop the basic skills of operating, programming and using computers for a variety of tasks. A separate unique syllabus has been designed for the students.

Online Class

Students have an endless amount of opportunities to learn new things through online classes. Smart Board, Digital Visualizer, and Web Cameras are used in the online classes for better understanding of concepts.

Group Discussion

Group Discussion improves student’s thinking, listening & speaking skills and also promotes student’s confidence level. This help the students to share their views and opinions with others.


The examination is to find out the real skills, talents, and knowledge of the students. In the school, monthly and term-wise exams are conducted for all the classes.


Sports play a major part in improving students physical and mental fitness. It helps in developing self-confidence and Team spirit.


Yoga, the journey of the self, to the self, through the self-actualization programme is arranged in the school with the help of experts.




Latest  Technology

At  present,  Robotics  is  the  latest  technology  that  drives  the  world  into  further  development.  So,  Robotics  Kits, Drones  and  3D  printer  is used  for the  students to get the basic  knowledge and  learn  more  and  more  of  it.