Awareness Programme




Every year “Awareness Programme on HIV / AIDS for youth” is organized by Shanti Ashram Volunteers.




“Malarum Pavai for vulnerable adolescent girls’’, an awareness programme is conducted for girl students of Stds 9 & 10 by Shanti Ashram every year.




“Coimbatore Book Festival -2019” organized by Mr.C.R.Elangovan, Co-ordinator of Arivukeni. Dr. Senthil Kumaran, an Educationalist was the Chief Guest and N.C. Nandagopalan, Secretary,  gave a special  address.




Pre genfest  delegates from Argentina and Switzerland with volunteers of Shanthi Ashram visited the School and interacted with the students to learn about educational practices.




“Disadvantage of Tobacco and their evil effects” programme was organized by Coimbatore Cancer Foundation & Saranya Devi, District consultant, Coimbatore Tobacco Control cell on 24.01.2020.




Doctors from Government Primary Health Centre, Pooluvampatti conducts an awareness programme about “Dengue” every year.




Once in 6 months, a mock drill for orderly evacuation during natural calamities as well as an awareness programme on “Fire and Safety Measures” is conducted by R. Rangaraj, Fire and Safety Officer, PSG Industrial Institute, in the school campus.




A rally by the students of the school was organized in Vedapatti regarding “Fit India  Movement” on Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th Birthday celebration.




Every year health checkup and health care programmes are conducted by the doctors of PSG Rural Health Centre, Vedapatti.




On 28th January 2020, a team of students from PSG College of Pharmacy conducted an awareness programme on Tobacco and Mouth Cancer.




Every year, Alumni of PSG Nursing College, Peelamedu conduct Career Guidance programme for students of standard 10 in the School premises.




M/s. Shanti Ashram  conducted  an Interactive  Session on the topic  “To  Ensure  Children’s  well being during  Covid  – 19  Pandemic” on 26th July        2021 Dr. Kezevino  Aram,  President, Shanti Ashram  was  the  Chief  Guest   and  other speakers  were Subhadra,  Co-ordinator  public  health  ICPH,          Ms. Ramya Devaraj  Research  Associate. ICPH and Ms. Devika Medical Technology.




Pre  genfest   delegates  from  Germany  visited  PSG High School  with  M/s. Shanti Ashram volunteers  and  interacted  with  the  students  of  Standards VII  &  VIII on 27th October 2022.



Mr.Ramanathan, Principal, staff  members  &  students  of  PSG College of  Pharmacy, Peelamedu   conducted  an  awareness  programme   on  the  topic  “Substance  Abuse” on  20th  October  2022 .  Students  of  Standards  VIII  to  X  participated  in  this  programme.






An Awareness Programme on Nutrition was conducted by the Dietary Department, PSG Hospitals on 9th November 2022.





Dr. Med Barbara  pose (M.D)  specialist  in  General  Medicine (Switzerland) and  2  staff  members  from  PSG College of Pharmacy, Peelamedu gave a special speech regarding  Menstrual  Hygiene on  2nd  December  2022.


Seven Doctors from Germany visited our school with M/s Shanti Ashram
volunteers and interacted with the students of Standards VIII & IX on
3rd March 2023.



On 24th March 2023, two ENT Doctors along with staff from PSG Hospitals,
Peelamedu conducted an ENT programme for the needy students of
Standards VI to X.




Dental Check-up was conducted for all the students of Standards VI to X
by the Doctors of PSG Hospitals, Peelamedu on 29th March 2023.





Mr.Hauldurai, retired P.G Teacher in Mathematics, conducted mathematics class to the students of standard IX on 12th July 2023.




An oath against “Drug Abuse” was taken by all the teachers & students in the School premises on 11th August 2023.