PSG & Sons’ Charities Manavar Illam (Since June, 1995)

Peelamedu, Coimbatore – 641 004.


PSG & Sons’ Charities under the dynamic leadership of Mr. G.R. Karthikeyan, the then Managing Trustee, founded ManavarIllam in June 1995 with twenty-five children, a’ home away from Home’. This home is meant for ‘boys only’ and those who have a single parent or no parents, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, etc and hail from economically weaker sections of the society to provide succour.

The children are admitted to different standards in PSG SJHSS, the oldest institution of PSG & Sons’ Charities that was established in 1924. The meritorious and deserving students are provided higher education/ placement  in any of the PSG Institutions including PSG Industrial Institute/ PSG Polytechnic College/ PSG College of Arts & Science/ PSG College of Technology, etc.,


Infrastructure/Building Facilities

Since the beginning, separate areas were earmarked for their stay, dining and kitchen. And in fact, the kitchen and dining area were in a separate building.

The tiled roof building was replaced with a brand new concrete roof building in 2008 with two floors consisting of 15 rooms in total and the total strength of children of ManavarIllam was around 100.

The Management, taking into consideration benevolently the needs of more aspiring and deserving students, decided to increase the strength and planned to accommodate 200 children. Therefore, a new building with four floors (cellar, ground floor, first floor and second floor) was built and the inaugural ceremony was performed on 13th March 2020. The cellar was meant for the library, indoor games, etc. The ground floor had a kitchen with all amenities and a well-furnished dining hall. The first and second floors are with rooms for the residents to stay.

In addition, the second floor was added to the existing building built in 2008 with additional rooms for the proposed increase in strength.


Total Strength of inmates – Manavar Illam as on 31.01.2021


S No

Class / Standard

Number of Students





Standard VI





Standard VII





Standard VIII





Standard IX





Standard X





Standard XI





Standard XII









Number of Students/inmates admitted to Colleges

S No Name of the College/ institution Number of Students
1 PSG Polytechnic College 04
2 PSG Industrial Institute 01
3 PSG College of Arts & Science 02
Total 07

Grand Total of inmates = 143 + 07 = 150 (One hundred and fifty only)


Details of Staff

S No Designation Number
1 Warden 03
2 Cook 01
3 Assistant Cook 01
4 Kitchen Helper 01
Total 06

Facilities Provided for the Residents

  1. Accommodation – Dormitory accommodation
  2. Food – With details
  3. Health drink at 6.00 am
  4. Breakfast at 8.00 am
  5. Lunch –

                 Noon meal provided by Government on working days with Manavar Illamporiyal (side dish).

                 Manavar Illam lunch on holidays.

                 Non-vegetarian food on Sundays.

      6. Snacks and health drink at 5.00 pm

      7. Dinner at 8.00 pm

      8. School fee and Examination fee

      9. Uniforms

    10. Books, notebooks and other stationery items

    11. Medical treatment at PSG IMSR&H

    12. Special lunch on twelve festival days in a year

    13. New dress and Celebrations with management and staff on the occasion of Deepavali

    14. Annual Excursion

    15. Medical Insurance / Group Insurance.


Daily Activities/ Routine for the inmates

    • 5.30 am – A wakeup call
    • 6.00 am – Roll call and Health drink
    • 6.15 am – 7.00 am – Yoga or Karate training
    • 8.00 am – To school on all working days
    • 5.00 pm – 6.00 pm – Physical Education / sports  / Games / NCC / Scouts / NSS
    • 6.20 pm –7.45 pm – Evening study hours
    • 8.30 pm – 10.00 pm – Night study hours

Extra Care

Special coaching to the residents- Make A Difference, (MAD) an NGO, Outreach programme – By the students of PSG College of Technology, PSG School teachers and the Secretary.

Bharathanatiyam dance training.


Sports and Games Facilities

A basketball court right in front of our Manavar Illam and the football grounds in PSG Public Schools and PSG Sarvajana Hr. Sec. School help the residents for training.Indoor facilities such as Table tennis, chess, carrom, indoor games are also available.

Our residents have won the overall championship cup for three consecutive years in the competitions meant for orphanage children conducted by Rotaract club of Coimbatore.


Annual Tour

The residents are taken to different parts of Tamil Nadu and neighbouring states for two days every year to give them a real experience as travel make them wise.

In addition, the children at the Manavar Illam are taken on a tour to nearby places in Coimbatore every year.

Our Managing Trustee L.Gopalakrishnan sponsored six best performing students, a three days trip for sightseeing to Bengaluru and Mysuru during April 23– 25, 2019 that include their air travel. Students were extremely delighted and enjoyed their maiden flight experience.


Special Lunch

Special lunch is provided to the residents on all the important festival and celebration days (12days in a year). The Head of any one of the PSG Institutions take part in the event and motivate the children with personal interaction and discussions.

Alumni of PSG institutions and the well-wishers of Manavar Illam celebrate their birthdays, wedding anniversaries etc. along with the residents and also arrange for breakfast / lunch/ dinner.



Students and faculty members of PSG Institutions often visit ManavarIllam periodically and interact with the residents and encourage them. Nursing students from Switzerland who visit our PSG College of Nursing do visit our Manavar Illam students and motivate them.



The alumni of Manavar Illam are invited for the Independence Day every year and they share their experiences in Manavar Illam and they used it for a better future. They also make the residents happy by presenting them with generous gifts and presents.

‘Manavar Illam’ Alumni details who are well placed and occupying various positions at PSG and other institutions are in fact meticulously recorded and maintained, for mutual interaction and benefits.

In short, it can be mentioned that the service provided and this hand-holding exercise of underprivileged and needy residents of Manavar Illam is always very close to the hearts of PSG and Sons’ Charities.